This one caught my eye on THEWHIR. An interesting dilemma: money vs morals?

The US government has subpoenaed Twitter for the personal details of people connected to Wikileaks with the information being asked for including mailing addresses, IP addresses and payment details. Stories like this certainly bring into focus the nature of our industry and the question of where our priorities do, or should, lie. Given the potentially highly automated nature of the service, there rises the question of what exactly we do know about our customers. How much information should we be asking for in order to provide ourselves with *the right* amount of knowledge?  Terms and Conditions contracts need to be watertight in order to protect hosts  – infrastructure as well as reputation – as well as any existing customers. And expert advice would need to be taken on any legal manoeuvreings which may come our way as a result of hosting controversial information. All extra cost at the end of the day.

Even if an average individual’s politics deemed that hosting a controversial site such as Wikileaks was acceptable, surely the negative attention it would reap from the law, potential hackers and potential customers would be enough in any business person’s mind to make them think twice?

At Veber we aim to offer a personal, tailored service and so naturally tend to find out some information about our customers throughout our business relationship. This works for us.

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