At Veber our aim is always to support the latest software, so we are delighted to introduce Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and VMware vSphere 5.1 to our dedicated server plans. We asked the team what they thought the potential benefits of upgrading are for the B2B hosting market.

VMware vSphere 5.1 is the latest release from virtualisation platform industry leader, VMware. We have been using their software in cloud hosting for over five years and this upgrade brings the functionality bang up to date. vSphere 5.1 offers new features in storage, network, availability, security, compute, automation and management. We think that some of the key developments in the new vSphere 5.1 are the Network Health Client, vSphere Web Client and vSphere vMotion. These all make a big difference in the day to day management of our cloud hosting. Our CEO, Tim Poultney said “We are looking forward to offering a greater level of enterprise class networking functionality through the new Network Health Check and are particularly happy with the greater flexibility and robustness of the vSphere Web Client.”

As the first major update to Microsoft’s server OS since 2009, Windows Server 2012 is a welcome arrival. This software builds on a worldwide trend in cloud computing complete with the tagline ‘Built from the Cloud Up.’ We’re quite impressed with the server and the multi-server management that has been redone for the new release. Our Operations Manager, James Robinson gives his opinion on the OS’ use “Being able to view server infrastructure by role as well as by server is a key tool for us and our customers. What’s more, two key features that underpin Windows Server 2012, modularity and automation, are now starting to look more substantial. For example you can now move between Server Core and the full GUI edition by adding and removing features instead of having to completely reinstall.”

Tim our CEO says that Windows 8 is the OS that “We all love to hate”. We think that it is not to be ignored within hosting though, the system is just as important for businesses as it is for consumers – the OS offers the business to business market some solid improvements in desktop mode with its high levels of stability and security. Our operations manager, James agrees that Windows 8 can’t be ignored in the B2B market “Once you’ve accepted that for all intents and purposes Windows 8 is basically Windows 7 + 1 and runs much more like the operating systems we and our customers are becoming used to on tablets and smartphones, the intended functionality of the OS is easier to swallow. Add in the fact that Windows 8 runs quicker and more securely than before and we can’t ignore it as a runner in the B2B hosting market.”


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