Whether a cloud server is right for your business depends initially on what kind and size of business you are in. The scalability and costs associated with cloud servers often make them the first port of call for SMBs but the advantages shouldn’t be discounted by larger enterprise.

The right time for a cloud server?

The time is right for a cloud server for your business if you are in the position of knowing that you need a server to develop or move your business forward. But, at this stage it may be that you are baffled by the cloud hosting choices available to you. We’re happy to help but understand the power of research so happy reading!


Cloud servers exist in tandem with Dedicated Servers for a reason. Each solution has its pros and cons. Whether those are advantages or disadvantages depend on what it is your business needs from its hosting solution. It’s possible that a cloud server will satisfy or even exceed your business needs without the lead times and higher costs of dedicated hardware.
Cloud servers in general are more resilient than their fellow dedicated ones simply due to the IT infrastructure behind them.
You’ll most likely pay less for a cloud server too but don’t be concerned that paying less for your business’ cloud server will compromise your goal. Many of the SMBs that Veber deal with, for example, do not have highly skilled dedicated IT staff on board and cannot spend top dollar on a dedicated mail or web servers.

Why would you spend more if you do not need to?

Cloud servers match the needs very well of businesses that require a short term solution or just want to dabble in the world of cloud hosting. The upgrade and downgrade functionality of cloud servers meets these needs perfectly.
Cloud servers are more than just a server: as well as the scalability benefit, there are a number of associated services to take advantage of – load-balancing, high availability, DDOS mitigation and firewalls for example.
What makes a cloud server the wrong decision for your business?
If you don’t want to share resources; if peak performance is your absolute top priority; if cost is less of an issue – it may be that a Dedicated Server solution would be a better fit for your business than a Cloud Server.
Want to know the difference? Take a look at our lowdown on ‘Cloud vs Dedicated Hosting’ for further information.



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