Things are moving on fast in the IT world. There’s the obvious development of ‘cloud’ and its many descriptions, the Big Data challenge and BYOD, not to mention the rise of the ‘as-a-service’ offerings. Whilst the provision of Dedicated Servers remains at the core of what we do at Veber, we are increasingly being asked to provide services outside of our core portfolio of services. This is challenging and time-consuming but incredibly rewarding and has driven us to ask questions over business models and customer engagement strategies. What is going to work best for us? What do our customers need? What selling points are going to best attract new custom? What is going to be our core?

Not so long ago, certainly in the time that the Veber car park has gone from being populated by fast, brightly coloured hatchbacks to silver and grey MPV/estate cars, value stood in integration solutions that encompassed hardware, software and services. We offered (still do) the dedicated server, cloud and colocation packages that appealed to an easily identifiable market.

Now that market has disappeared. As we have developed, so have many of our customers bringing us both to new realities far removed from those of 5 or 10 years ago when our relationship started. As the world of IT moves towards the ‘as-a-service’ environment, we need to ensure that we forge a place for ourselves within that stack.

We can’t play with the big boys (AWS, IBM) so we are left with the slice of the cake often denoted by descriptions such as ‘bespoke’, ‘niche’, high-end’ and these descriptions often come with further, less beguiling traits such as ‘expensive’ or ‘complex’. So, in order to make it in that world we have to be excellent at what we do and excellent at servicing the customers. We have previous on this which is a good start but what do we need to do maintain it, improve it?

Effective product development, highly efficient operations, speed to market, industrialisation of processes, relentless focus on deployment, well-trained personnel…our list for 2014 advancement is exciting. We’ll need to deliver specific applications tailored to the needs of the customer and provide the specific customer service to support them.

We are already talking with prospects about IaaS and PaaS alongside delivering some highly bespoke services for existing customers. To join us call the team on 020 3468 7000 or email

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