DWDM Mux/Demux

The conversation started something like this…

Scene opener: James carefully yet excitedly opening a newly arrived package.

James (enthusiastically): “This looks good. Love the cabling.”

Vic (flippantly): “Looks like my hair on a bad day from here.”

James (incredulously): “Do you have no appreciation of the technology which goes into producing a bit of kit like this?”

Vic (honestly): “I appreciate it but don’t understand it. I prefer words to plastic and metal. What’s it for anyway?”

James (cunningly):I think you should work it out for yourself! Use those words you love so much to do some research and produce a blog post all about it. You can call it ‘Veber Marketing Does Kit”.

Vic (hesitantly): “That’s not a bad idea…” [looks again at the kit], “…smart a**e. OK, I’ll do it. But only if you do your ‘Best bits of Windows Server 2012’ blog post and make me a cup of tea to help me through the pain. Deal?”

James (smirking): “Deal.”

So with the challenge now accepted, I now have to find out what this piece of kit is, what it does and what the benefit of using it is.

Think I’ve got a challenge on my hands.

Come back Friday to see if I can find out what this piece of kit is. Any help welcomed!


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