Here’s the first in our new series of Veber Case Studies: sharing with you what we do and how we do it.

History and requirement:

Founded in 1997 to provide information to the CCTV Industry, CCTViNFO has been an invaluable source of information to the industry – enabling security professionals to not only receive weekly security related bulletins, but to browse data sheets on existing and new products.

The original CCTViNFO infrastructure was based on an old datacentre which was suffering sporadic outages and was showing its age. The server had been in production since 2005 – Parmi Phull – founder of CCTViNFO contacted the Veber team who he had worked with at a previous company to see if we could easily migrate the CCTViNFO infrastructure to Veber and offload certain aspects of the CCTViNFO business processes to streamline his workload and make the CCTViNFO business model more efficient while gaining better uptime.


Since Veber had been told that downtime would be an issue due to the sporadic nature of CCTV professionals, a detailed plan was put together a nearly-zero downtime migrate.

Veber provisioned up replacement virtualised hardware in our primary datacentre, set up email relays, mailboxes and mail tools on one Linux server to offload email from the primary server, we then setup the CCTViNFO database server to enable the next step to go smoothly.

One of the Veber technicians then logged into the old CCTViNFO server, and instigated a live P2V (physical to virtual) migration of the old server, placing the server online with us in a matter of hours with zero downtime. DNS records were then changed to reflect the move to our facilities and all the high availability options were enabled offering live migration, High Availability and data snapshots.


Parmi Phull – Founder of CCTViNFO stated: “Migration of the server and the infrastructure was about a smooth as I could have asked for – in fact not one of our users noticed the website going offline – our monitoring tools didn’t even notice we’d migrated!”


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