Cisco Live 2013Cisco Live is an annual event which this year was hosted in London. The event is the place to be to discover future technologies that will alter the IT landscape.

This year, Veber’s CEO, Tim Poultney, attended the event and gives us his overview of the event and what it all means for Veber’s clients.

Hi Tim, have you recovered from a week in the capital?

It was a very interesting and tiring week, meeting with all the Cisco developers and managers that we work with.

Could you give us a brief overview of the main themes of this year’s event?

Each year Cisco Live examines a different IT element which will shape the future of the technology and business. This year came the announcement of the Catalyst 3850 LAN Controller, designed to provide secure network access for businesses who want to provide consistent services for BYOD users.

This is strengthened by the release of yet more Cisco developed software which can be used in partnership with a range of Cisco devices to further meet the needs of BYOD users. All of this works to somewhat eliminate security issues to companies who may be concerned about the influx of users who are using their own devices to access sometimes confidential information across networks.

Cisco has designed a local software platform that will be available to use via APIs – allowing access to networks and information without compromising the up-time of the server due to an increased user activity across all devices.

Why did you feel it was important that Veber attended Cisco Live 2013?

Primarily, it’s about providing a first class service to our clients.

At these sorts of events we’re able to test our internal practices and policies against industry best practice and make sure our services can deliver in a way that enables our clients to outperform their competitors.

Cisco Live particularly attracts some of the industry’s key players and who we can chat with, over a coffee, and get a true insight to what is happening behind the scenes. By having these conversations with thought leaders we learn much more than those who merely read a few blogs about the event.

What we learn from these conversations and presentations, we pass on directly to our clients, giving them a competitive advantage in their own market places.

For more Cisco Live 2013, check out the hashtag #CLEUR or the Cisco Live Twitter account.




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