USB Token Hosting

USB token hosting is something that not only enterprise, but some SME’s may require, and our hosting environment is ideal for this. There are a number of vendors of software that require USB tokens or Hardware Security Modules, commonly called a USB token or Dongle to be plugged into the active server in order to run the software, or to encrypt the data being transferred out of the server.

This can be done within a standalone operating system such as Windows or Linux, or even within a VMware environment, although when running VMware, there are some caveats.

Very much like USB tokens, we also host USB HSM's for customers who require them, Hardware Security Modules (or HSM's) can look exactly like USB keys, although there are some HSM's that plug directly into a motherboard or drive bay, even standalone. The most usual of these is a USB model that looks like a USB drive.

A HSM is effectively a computing device that safeguards and manages digital keys for strong authentication, and can also be part of a cryptoprocessing infrastructure. What kinds of software require a USB tokens or HSM?

As mentioned previously, there are a lot of software packages that require an authentication token. On our network we host dongles for several different types of image based software, weather data processing software, and authentication tokens for the SWIFT network.

We also host servers with Yubico YubiHSM, which can be used to protect keys, restrict access and has support for yubikeys for companies wishing to usiltise yubiHSM's authentication mechanism.

Most of our customers put servers with USB dongles behind firewalls, and we offer Cisco, Juniper and Citrix Netscaler for security, depending on the technology and protection level required.

Why use Veber to host your USB devices? We have been hosting tokens for nearly 10 years for some of our customers, and have experience not only with the devices physically but also supporting companies in their roll out of devices to staff members and other companies..

Veber can offer a secure environment for hosting USB tokens, this can be done in any of our Datacentre environments.