Veber Synology Hosting

Veber has been offering specific synology hosting since about 2011 when we started using their disk stations for cheap reliable backup devices.

With Veber’s roots being in the reseller arena we’d looked and played with many network storage devices over the years – like fibrenetix, DROBO, Netgear, not to mention enterprise storage providers like IBM and HP. We also used linux on Supermicro/Dell equipment and were never really happy with the performance or user management.

The first devices we used in anger were the DS410 units – 4 bays with integrated raid, we have some of these still in service from 2011!!!

Hardware wise, we think they’ve proved reliable, and for onsite data storage coupled with Veber’s offsite backup offer a fantastic offsite backup solution. You can never have enough backups!

Since then, their operating system, called Disk Station Manager, or DSM for short has matured massively and provides not only SMB/NFS file storage but you can now use their disk stations for many other features such as offsite backup, CCTV image storage and review, and recently photo gallery software and a very usable office suite with chat functionality.

The more commonly used Synology DSM features we see used are:

  • Surveillance Station – web based storage your IP camera CCTV footage
  • Cloud Station – multiplatform dropbox style data storage
  • Photo Station - online photo gallery
  • Mailplus Server – private mail server
  • Calendar Server – webbased calendar
  • VPN server – an easy VPN solution that turns your Synology box into a VPN
  • Plex server – a personal media server for photos, music and video.

Hardware wise, Synology has come a long way – from the 410 desktop style unit with four not really hot swap bays to the units we use now – onsite the 216play is fantastic value, and for significant amounts of storage you can use something like the rs2416 - 12 bays with 12tb drives – 132tb of storage!

Enterprise features:

    HA – using a pair of Rackstation RC18015XS+ a scalable High Availability solution can be deployed which will deliver a secure, reliable high performing storage system. Storage can be accessed using ISCSI/CIFS/NFS – along with the usual set of features.
    SSO server – a neat single sign on (SSO) feature to integrate web apps into.
    CMS – if you have multiple units (like we do) having a central management station is important, it gives you visibility of multiple disk stations, and you can update firmware from CMS too.

Veber can offer either Colocation and/or SaaS (synology as a service)

Colocation: we can host your synology device from our London or Welwyn facility, but please bear in mind desktop devices use more space and are harder to mount, so it may be more cost effective to purchase a larger rackmount unit.

SaaS: veber offers three synology devices

    RS217 – 2 bay 1U unit with 3.5’’ drive (not expandable)
    RS815 – 4 bay 1U unit with 3.5’’ drive (expandable with RX unit)
    RS2416+ - 12 bay 2U unit with 3.5’’ drive (expandable with RX unit)

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