When I had ‘do blog’ on my list  for today this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind (there is a Veber review of the new EMC box we have been testing coming up)…but I couldn’t resist! The latest Yeo Valley ad has a strange appeal! If only living in the West Country was truly like this – the local farmers are more in the league of the The Old and Past It and the smell of the poo is quite offputting too. Oh well, will have to make do with The Churned.

Unless…could the Veber boys be persuaded? The “Veber” Forever? We were after a video style for the new Python Cloud Server and Cloud Backup website after all….maybe a bit of work needed on the abs though first….nice Tier1

datacentre backdrop….bit of cabling….bit a lugging around Dell Blade Servers…..hhmmm the picture is taking shape :0).


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