We like to think we’re pretty good at this at Veber. Not perfect, but pretty damn good. So, when another article came up discussing this very point, it was of course a bit of eye candy for us. Not least because it was specifically geared towards the provision of good customer service in the cloud.

Firstly thanks to Thoran Rodrigues at Tech Republic for his thoughts. You can read the full article here www.techrepublic.com/blog/datacenter/what-characterizes-good-customer-service-in-the-cloud/5376?tag=nl.e077.

Customers’ views on the service they receive will always be subjective. In our business our ‘service’ ranges from providing basic automated systems likde email through to much more complex Dedicated Server solutions with associated services which require a lot of discussion. In order for our customers to receive ‘good’ service some will rate the technology highest (hence our dedication to branded hardware like Dell & EMC, top tier data centres & tier 1 connectivity), some will rate the support highest (hence our 24/7/365 support promise) and others will be looking at the bigger picture. All depending on the hosting solution we provide. Take a look at The Veber Promise for an insight into our priorities on this one.

Thoran’s question in the article above is which of these views is most important? The one that is focused on people or the one that is focused on technology?

Our answer: both. Of course that is the conclusion that Thoran arrives at too. It all depends on the individual customer requirements. I’ll leave you to read the examples that are put forward in the article. Suffice to say from Veber’s point of view that that’s why we are quite keen to initiate a conversation with our customers from the outset. It’s helpful for all involved if we know whether the shoe fits.

Conclusion? “The best customer experience lies in a combination of customer service, support and functionalities.” And the company who gets it right provides the specifics of that “combination” based on each individual case.

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