?What's the difference between a private and a public cloud server?
A Veber Private Cloud Server will provide hosted services to a limited number of people behind a firewall with no access from the internet, hence "private". The servers are typically accessed via a corporate VPN and are essentially a private extension of your own network but based within the cloud. Veber Public Cloud Servers can be accessed from the internet via a normal internet connection.
?What’s the difference between a Veber Dedicated Server and the Veber Cloud Hosting Solution?
The difference between a dedicated server and a cloud server is quite simple: – with a dedicated server you get all the power of that piece of equipment and it’s dedicated to you – with a cloud infrastructure the resources are shared between multiple organisations, but the benefit is that a cloud hosting solution is highly scalable and you get many advanced features like high availability and distributed resource management.
?Do cloud servers use hard drives?
Yes, they do, but not in a traditional sense, the hard drives we use for our cloud hosting solution are attached to the cloud nodes via ISCSI or Fibre Channel and are viewed as a remote disk. The cloud nodes do have hard drives in them, but are used for running their own operating system – no customer data is ever stored locally.
?How do I manage my cloud server?
You manage your cloud server by simply logging into the cloud control panel interface which will be provided to you when you sign up – from there you can manage your cloud server, restart, shut down or start your system – you can even see it from the BIOS level upwards.
?What's DRS?
Distributed Resource Scheduler - this is the VMWare system of managing CPU and memory resources across a VMWare cluster. If DRS identifies that a system is using too much memory or CPU resources, it can automatically move that system to a lower resource using server. This is a standard feature for all our cloud servers.
?How do I know which level Cloud Hosting Solution is best for me?
It’s difficult to tell sometimes, but it’s easiest to speaks with us – we can then advise you on the best course to take. We’ve over ten years’ experience in hosting and we know roughly what you’d need – additionally as cloud solutions are scalable, we can change the spec of your server quite easily, sometimes even on the fly – taking the worry out of choosing your ideal solution.
?How do we measure uptime?
The bigger the percentage the better the uptime is. Contractually Veber offer a 99.999% uptime – our network is so good that last year we actually had a 100% uptime (excluding scheduled outages).
?What's good bandwidth?
Bandwidth is one of the hosting industry’s hidden problems and often isn't talked about. All Bandwidth is not equal as some cheaper carriers often use non-resilient hardware and skimp on other elements which make a network reliable. But not Veber. We use best of breed technology and only use Tier 1 bandwidth providers such as NTT, Tiscali, Level3  and Cogent to ensure high performance and stability.
?How important is the datacentre location you go to?
At Veber we think it's vital. We use Telehouse, London it is more expensive to host here but they offer the best security and reliability in the industry .
?What are the advantages of RAID 1?
RAID1 mirrors your data across a minimum of 2 disks, so should a disk fail, there is a second one already running. In most circumstances RAID1 sets can be rebuilt on the fly – RAID sets are also invisible to the operating system and show up as one disk.
?Why do Veber choose global top tier hardware such as Dell, IBM & Cisco?
Simple – the support you get is second to none – all our dedicated servers come with 4-hour manufacture guarantee and support, meaning any hardware issues are sorted quickly if they do happen.
?What are the reasons to choose between a Linux or Windows based OS?
It depends on what you want to run – for example if you just need simple web hosting, a Linux server would be perfect – if you want to run Outlook with Exchange, you'll need a Microsoft Windows server. Each server is appropriate for its needs – if you need to talk to us about it – please call us or send us an email.