You may or may not have noticed over the last month that we have lost our voice, and become quiet. This is due to becoming involved in legal negotiations over our European figurative trademark application for our Python Cloud Servers & Cloud Backup logo. We fell silent because we felt it was our priority to support and protect our customers until an agreement was settled.

We can now announce that we have been able to reach an amicable agreement and  are pleased to say that we can pick up where we left off, and now look forward to bringing you new and exciting Veber content.

So watch this space!

For the full press release, continue reading;

The Python Software Foundation has reached a settlement in its recent trademark dispute with PO Box Hosting Limited trading as Veber in Europe. The issue centered around Veber’s use of the Python name for their cloud hosting services and their application for a figurative trademark incorporating the word “Python”. While the Foundation retains the trademark for Python within the United States, it did not have a  filing within the European Union. According to the terms of the settlement, Veber has withdrawn its trademark filing and has agreed to support the Python Software Foundation’s use of the term.

The amicable agreement reached between the two sides will result in a
rebranding of Veber’s, Python cloud server and backup services, which
continue to be available at Veber will rebrand the Python services later under a yet to be determined name.

“We are happy to come to an agreement with Veber,” said Van Lindberg,
chairman of the Python Software Foundation. “What the PSF wants most
is to support the global community of Python developers. To Veber’s
credit, they were willing to recognize the Python brand without protracted negotiations. We are grateful for Veber’s support and we wish them luck in their business.”

Tim Poultney Managing Director of Po Box Hosting and Veber said “Veber are pleased to have reached a speedy and amicable agreement with the Python Software Foundation. The use of the Python name for our cloud server and backup business has ceased with the services now available in Europe from Veber. This agreement will remove potential confusion between the Python software language and our cloud services business”.

The Foundation thanks the Python community for their immense
outpouring of support throughout the dispute, both financially and
through the letter writing campaign undertaken by organizations across
European Union member states.

You can contact the Veber Team at


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