Not so long ago one Pete ‘Jedi’ Brar was star trekking across cyberspace seeking out the next frontier and (fortuitously) hit the big Veber Cloud. After a number of visits (to stake out the coffee and eccentricity levels) he and we decided the silver lining of this particular cloud was a pretty good fit for Pete and we are pleased to announce that he has taken the role of Veber’s Senior Systems Administrator. Pete completes the technical team alongside Rob, James and Pete D. We’re now a few weeks in so many of you may have already come across him but below is Pete’s potted history…

He’s originally from Coventry (no comments about the Dark Side at this juncture please) but is now based in Northampton. Pete was privately educated with one of his enduring memories being the painful learning of Latin. Next time you have the chance, ask him what “per aspera ad astra!” means*. He graduated in BioChemistry from Brunel University but then the interest in IT sparked. Luckily for Veber that spark has remained alight and now with 10+ years’ experience and a few qualifications later we are enjoying the force of Pete’s knowledge.

Pete began his career at Coventry Council as an ICT Network Manager, then moved on to HMGCC (Milton Keynes) as a Senior Sys Admin (DV Cleared). His next destination was at Airwatch (Milton Keynes) as an MDM Technical Consultant.

He describes himself as an enthusiastic and easy-going character with an appetite for learning. However we note that his hobbies include watching cartoons, gaming and kickboxing as well as a penchant for the Dark Side so we’ll not test that ‘easy-going’ claim too much.

Final word from Pete:

“Use the Force & carpe diem”

*”through difficulties to the stars!”

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