The Benefits of Veber's Cloud Hosting Services

Veber's UK Virtual Cloud Hosting Services are a practical solution for your business, no matter how big or small. And with fixed monthly costs and fully managed systems, you can sit back and leave it to the experts. Read just some of the benefits of choosing Veber for your hosting below.

  • Allocated resources are dedicated to you.
  • Scalable and flexible solutions.
  • Fixed monthly costs so you know where you are financially.
  • Fully managed, VMware® High Availability Platform minimising hardware and server failure.
  • Fully managed high-speed, resilient, managed network infrastructure using only industry-leading manufacturers hardware and technologies located at Telehouse, London with.
  • A wide choice of additional add-on services.
Virtual cloud hosting is just one of Veber's managed cloud hosting services. We also provide private and hybrid cloud hosting solutions.

Veber's UK Virtual Cloud Hosting Services offer Scalability and Fixed Monthly Costs

Veber Virtual Cloud Servers are delivered on our VMware® High Availability Managed Platform backed by our highly specialist technical support team 24/7. Veber's Virtual Cloud Servers are fully scalable, start from as little as £43.00 per month and can be installed with your choice of Linux and Windows operating systems. There are many customisable and additional services to choose from that help secure and back up your environment and business data – see our additional services page. As standard your Veber virtual cloud server comes with:
IaaS Powered by Vmware

High Availability VMware® vSphere ESX Hypervisor Platform Installed on Veber’s Hi-speed, managed, resilient Network Infrastructure
High Availability monitors and detects guest operating system failures and automatically restarts a virtual server where the heatbeat is undetected, whilst options with Fault Tolerance will boot hardware and virtual servers which minimises downtime and provides our clients with cost-effective, failover protection.
Secure 24/7 Remote Server Access from any location with an internet connection, gives you the ability to control, manage and boot up your server even when the lights are out.

Compute Scalability as you grow, fixed monthly costs with no hidden charges and add-ons.
Storage Resilient EMC, Pure Storage options for SSD and SAS in slow, medium and fast speeds.

A choice of free pre-installed operating systems including Windows Standard Servers, Linux such as CentOS, Ubunto OS and Control panels (although you can install your own control panels) to manage webservers

Additional Services for Virtual Cloud Servers

Veeam Replication & Backup

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Security, Firewalls & Protection

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Disaster Recovery As a Service (DRaaS)

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