Did you know that listening to this song reduces Anxiety by 65%?



Anxiety is a key emotion when dealing with an IT disaster recovery, DRaaS scenario. Along with Stress, Panic, Dread and Fear. Any one of these feelings can lead to services remaining offline while an IT team desperately tries to figure out what to do to get business up and running. The probability of making an error under these circumstances is pretty high. (Interesting research on “Weightless”, Marconi Union)



A Clinton campaign aide says that a typo in a March 19 email sent to John Podesta is to blame for opening the campaign chairman’s Gmail account up to Russian cyber hackers.

While the recent news of the email hacking for a certain political party is fresh, and Christmas carols in the office were becoming a tiny bit annoying, we asked our team take part in a lyrical battle to describe any of the following terms; Protection, Security and reasons for having a DR plan for your business. The aim was to creatively sum up why it is important to keep security top of your mind to protect for your organisation at all times. Here is the Veber security playlist. We will be putting together Spotify playlist and would love your suggestions.


“Right here, Right now”
Fatboy slim

We imagine this is the voice in your head looking for signs of life when your online presence is completely taken offline or your security has been comprised and you need a clear resolution. We think this simple but catchy tune sums up all the benefit of a good DRaaS plan and reliable hosting service.


“I’ve been casing your joint
For the best years of my life
Like the look of your stuff
Outta sight”

Breaking into Heaven
Stone Roses

Hackers are relentless. The slightest human error or within your systems, including employees using their own devices opens up security gaps and vulnerabilities, allowing hackers to find a weakness your security process  – and they will use it when you least expect them to.


“Don’t forget ab-b-b-b-bout me
Don’t forget ab-b-b-b-bout me
Don’t forget ab-b-b-b-bout me
Even when I doubt you
I’m no good without you, no, no”

21 pilots 

We think this perfectly sums up feeling of dread when your business is offline and customers depend on your service. Without a DR plan, in the event of a breach or outage, your organisation would be unable to monitor and manage the impact to the most important part of your business.

For an example, if you have an eCommerce business, customer data and products are the most critical assets to protect. This is why response times are so important to define when implementing your DRaaS plan.

The recovery time objective (RTO) is the maximum tolerable length of time that a computer, system, network, or application can be down after a failure or disaster occurs. If the impact of a network outage means your business will have customers orders shipped out external without any personal details and correct addresses associated and no tracking data or customer purchases are not captured then customer data and shipping systems will need to backup most frequently and online purchasing and tracking will need to return to normal as a priority.

“I Can See Clearly Now”
Jonny Cash

Summing up the feeling after the perfect DRaaS solution is in place. But take note;
The only way to truly know if your Disaster Recovery Plan works is to test it.


“I Predict a riot”
Kaiser Chiefs

The 2016 Internet Security Threat Report (STR) provides an overview and analysis of the year in global threat activity.

Having no DRaaS plan for 2017 means that your business will take longer to recover from a business disaster. Having a trusted partner can help your organisation develop a comprehensive custom-made plan. There are a lot of myths that are associated with a true DRaaS plan. If you would like to review your business security plans call us today. A security expert will be happy to consult with you.

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