A recent Deloitte survey shows that 85% of companies surveyed believe that their use of Cloud Hosting technology enables them to scale and grow faster.

Cloud Hosting has the inherent advantage of server scalability with the possibility to utilise only the resources required whilst having the opportunity simply up-scale when required. Of course only paying for the resources you use is a welcome benefit. Cloud Hosting users enjoy faster growth because they focus their energy on the business, leaving their Hosting provider to manage IT with a 99.999% reliability.

Using a Cloud Hosting provider can give a company

  • Access to enterprise levels of IT technology which would be un-affordable for them.
  • Access IT knowledge and experience not available to them.
  • The ability to secure and pay for the only the required level of IT resources allowing higher investment in business growth.
  • Company resources can be focussed on business growth.

Veber is a UK based, experienced Cloud Hosting company with two highly resilient data centres providing a wide range of Cloud Hosting services including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), virtual servers, dedicated services, back-up, networks, disaster recovery and managed services.

To find out more about Vebers services, the benefits of Cloud Hosting & Computing please call +44(0)20 3468 7000 or email us at hello@veber.co.uk.

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