Are you one of the many companies which have decided to focus their business resources on growth and profit rather than trying to manage infrastructure such as computer systems and high speed communications?


If so, you may very well be outsourcing management of your business’ IT requirements to a specialist services company. This should provide you with IT systems which meet your business needs together with the option of selecting additional services such as consultancy, Help Desk, computer installation and repair, application support, server room maintenance, and server backup.

Sounds good. But what outsourcing leaves you with is the responsibility to plan your IT systems’ development in line with business needs as well as providing the funding necessary to purchase new, higher performance solutions. This is an on-going task with big decisions coming around every 3-5 years or when the system performance drives an upgrade. Replacing the heart of your computer solution with upgraded and probably additional servers will be required with the big decision to purchase new equipment using valuable capital OR fund the upgrades in a more creative way.



Server hosting provides you with a number of those creative funding choices as well as many additional benefits.


In essence it is a service provided by companies such as Veber where we provide you with access to top of the range Dell servers in a secure data centre which has a proven record of 99.999% availability. The data centres have multiple power supplies, multiple cooling systems, 24/365 physical security and access to multi gigabit communication lines to reach the outside world. The servers can be dedicated to you – not surprisingly called DEDICATED servers, or a shared resource where Veber provide you with access to a secure virtual server managed using the industry leading VM Ware software – these are called CLOUD servers. Cloud servers are generally lower cost but are not suitable for all applications. You can get in touch with one of our team of hosting specialists to start a conversation about understanding the benefits of each option in your environment.


The Benefits of Hosting

  • No capital outlay – your cash/credit remains available to invest in business growth
  • A predictable monthly expense – Hosting is a service so you pay as you grow
  • Possible lower tax for your company
  • No on-going server maintenance costs
  • An opportunity to manage IT staffing levels
  • Lower energy bills – no need to power or cool your servers
  • Possible mid-term technology refresh for increased performance
  • You are guaranteed access to high performance, secure, resilient and reliable servers.

Outsourcing and hosting working together

Hosting with Veber provides you with real benefits which your IT services provider will find complementary to their services. Veber do not provide IT support, Help Desk or consultancy.

What we do is work with your chosen IT services company to provide you with a BEST OF BREED server environment including a 99.999% uptime data centre. Veber would support the hardware up to the operating system level whilst your IT services provider would do what they do today with operating system support, data backup and the personal support of your staff PCs and applications. It is an entirely complementary relationship.

 How would you profit?

  • No capital outlay on servers – the most expensive part of your IT system
  • You save money on energy – no server power supply or cooling and NO computer room saving you typically £1,550 per year
  • You save on hardware maintenance, Veber take this responsibility saving you £1,065 over 3 years
  • You will have access to high performance servers in a secure, reliable, resilient data centre connected to your offices by a high performance communication line 24/365
  • You will have the ability to upgrade your servers at any time without a capital expense – of course there may be a change in your monthly Hosting fees
  • You have the choice of Dedicated Servers or Cloud Servers whichever best meets your needs and Veber would be available to help make the right decision for your business
  • Get the best of both worlds: outsource to a familiar, local IT services provider and host a best of breed server environment. Sit back, relax and focus on business growth and profit.

To find out more about Veber’s services contact Tracey Collier on 020 468 7016 or email

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