This question raised our eyebrows when reading this blog.

The scenarios being discussed are slightly different from our own B2B tech environment but nonetheless the resonance rang true: “Good customer service is certainly an important factor in brand loyalty but there has to be a good product too. Brands also have to stand for something; if you know what the brand is about and why it is right for you, you will almost always pick that brand over a competitor at price parity and, most likely, even at a premium price position.”

The majority of our clients are long standing customers with whom we have forged positive working relationships over a period of time. Those relationships have been formed largely because of our ‘can do’ culture, also because of our product offering and price points but mostly because we know what we stand for. And it’s not complicated. At Veber (and the same will apply to very shortly!) we are good at what we do, we have high standards and we ensure that those standards are transmitted to our hosting solutions and our customer service.

We’re not trying to brag. We want new business. We want to keep our existing business. But the best relationships are going to be forged with customers who share our perspectives and characteristics. We hope it’s you.

Tim and James are always happy to receive calls with any UK Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting or Colocation queries. Or visit the website which will give more of a flavour of what we do and how we do it.

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