Here’s an August round up of the hottest payment trends on the market.

contactless1. We’re seeing a trend of in-app payments features to entice consumers to use mobile payments more often at the physical point of sale in retail stores.

2. With the inclusion of contactless payments on credit cards, traveling to work via London trains and the tube is a breeze. We splash out on breakfast, lunch and after work drinks without any need to enter a security code or hand over any cash.

3. Apple Pay, which only launched in October 2014, now represents 75 percent of all contactless payments in the U.S. Apple said it’s launching the service on Macs this fall when MacOS Sierra and iOS 10 are released, and it will also become available on the web as a PayPal competitor.

4. International charity Mary’s Meals is piloting contactless payment-enabled charity boxes. The charity’s contactless boxes allow people to donate 30p with just a tap of their contactless card. The boxes are being placed in cafés around England,  it’s hoped that more people will donate because of the relatively small donation size and the ease of using contactless.

5. This one is our favourite by a country mile. They’ve only gone and made contactless wands. Yes, that’s right wands! To enable contactless payments, a chip has been embedded in the tip of the wand, which just needs to be tapped or placed near a contactless terminal to process the payment.  Apparently the wands have to choose you so if you think you have the magic gift you can register here.

Good luck!

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