4 reasons why we created the High Availability Private Cloud with Dell EMC. 


You can bet your bottom bitcoin that startups willing to disrupt traditional technology will grow rapidly in 2017. The tech revolution is thriving more than ever with some of the most innovative and evolutionary disruptions we have seen thus far. FinTech, AI, Machine learning and Virtual reality are the big buzzwords that most VC’s are swooning over.

Forbes tells us “There will be more connection, more automation, and more significant impact in business and investment than ever before, and the revolution has just begun. The innovations coming to fruit in 2017 are poised to redefine business and connection as we know it. From banking to devices, 2017 holds many a change in store — the technology of this next phase is dynamic, gigantic, and will feel like a futuristic sci-fi fantasy novel”.

We sat down with the sole task of designing a solution to help those entrepreneurs that have already taken the first steps to build a startup but not really thought about the infrastructure that you might need to deploy in a very short time. Maybe you are in your Validation stage and you’re seeing some encouraging results. We have put together some tips to consider to help you journey. The important issues we want to discuss is tips to choose the right supplier, security and growth factors for a successful journey through the 5 key startup phases; Ideation, Concepting, Validation, Scaling and Establishing.

The Veber HAPC has been put together to avoid ‘bill shock’ – you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, up front and without any additional charges – worth searching for AWS/Azure/GWS bills shock which shows quite a few programs/facilities to help prevent this.

1 Supplier Clarity 

Tip: Read the small print in your supplier contract. 

“It’s very easy for hosting suppliers to drive up prices, or even adjust their contracts. That’s why we believe in a developing a true consultancy partnership.”
Tim Poultney

It’s important to determine a list of services your business will need to depend upon in order to test and develop your prototype, and then once the business launches to operate and thrive. It is

also important to draw up a list of the costs for each of these services as you grow as your operational costs may increase substantially.

Many startups opt for a public cloud solution when in the conceptual stage of their process, to develop, build and test their MVP prototype. When developing the concept the main focus is to keep all operational cost such as low as possible.

Tip: Choosing a hosting supplier due to low prices, or choosing agency to build your prototype with their own hosting contract included can have a negative impact on the growth of your business.

Startup businesses often remain with same the cloud supplier environment after launch. This is where a hosting suppliers contract can include hidden clauses and features that vary and effect operational cost. As your startup business begins to scale, you will need more resources and a dedicated consultancy that completely understands your business model and growth plans. You may need to consider storage, protection, or migrating to a private data crunching environment once you validate your startup project. Gradually costs to operate can go up substantially as features such as Bandwidth will be included as a separate feature and be priced per Mb per month.

2 Ability to grow rapidly in a secure environment. 

Startup user on boarding and growth hacking strategies and expectations versus actual growth metrics can be very different and could the making or breaking of your business. During the first 12 – 18 months of a startup journey the number of new users can vary massively from month to month. George Huntley Money Marketing Platform a FinTech startup tell us within the first 3 months up to 300 new users per month would register for a Money Platform loan. Without an active marketing campaign this was much higher than he had initially expected.

Veber has worked with many successful startups that have experienced rapid growth over 2 years. In our 15 years we have supported many business, so we have the experience and knowledge to create a startup consultancy solution that supports this Disruptive technology era. To ensure your server has enough capacity and capabilities to manage your startup from the scaling phase through to the establishing phase in a completely secure environment, together with Dell EMC we have created a High Availability ALL FLASH Private Cloud solution. We have worked with Dell EMC for a while now and are confident that their All Flash storage solutions are a fantastic building block on which to put your initial infrastructure. Some of our existing customers report that their data is processed 8 times faster than flash enabled traditional arrays, and backup 50% faster due to increased speed and decreased latency, making them Ideal for business critical workloads.

“There’s no mistaking this highly available private cloud package is for a business that wants to move to a safe, reliable, resilient environment quickly. No hassle and no hidden costs. We designed one of the fastest business private cloud systems we’ve tested”
James Robinson, Veber, Operations Manager 

3 Threat of Security 

There are many cyber security threats out there that can put your start-up at risk. With the amount of cloud security breaches happening each day, it’s important to select the right hosting provider with deep knowledge about your business and security threats that could target your customer’s data. We believe its critical to your business to establish a good relationship with cloud consultant. Don’t be afraid to ask for details regards to their security assessment criteria (BITS, CSA, ISO accreditation etc) and ensure that they show interest and knowledge in your business.

We understand that startups need to start small and budgets reflect that.

The Veber High Availability ALL Flash Private cloud includes;

  • Cisco V ASA Firewall
  • Dedicated onboarding Team
  • 24/7 Responsive Support Team
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Insurance backed SLAs
  • Consultancy & Account Management
  • Migration assistance availability
  • Dell/EMC enterprise level support

To ensure your business is protected and highly available we recommend talking to one of our
DRaaS consultants. We’ve compiled a quick list of the things that you can do internally to protect your customers data:

– Encrypt and protect documents
PDFs can only be opened via a password or an appropriate digital certificate.

Redact information. Remove sensitive information such as customer details from documents.

Manage rights – To control and protect your data and documents, it’s important to control who is able to view or edit them.

Apply digital signatures. Ensuring that a document has not been altered since being signed by an authorised person.

4. Keep your focus on development of your business, not IT. 

Startup Fact: More than 90% of startups fail, due primarily to self-destruction rather than competition.

During the validation, scaling and establishing period a CTO’s role is to find talented developers that have the right passion and drive to add to their business. Developers should be focused on creating innovative development solutions that improves the customer experience of their startup. Their focus should not be resolving IT issues that may arise. Many developers don’t think to ask their Infrastructure people about how to scale – they should, as this is the kind of issue we see all the time, its always worth getting in contact.

Hot Tip: Leave the technically complexity of infrastructure management to the experts. 

At Veber we believe in building partnerships with each of our clients. We pride ourselves on understanding your business and your platform. We will constantly monitor for bottlenecks and advise you on the most effective methods for scaling your business.

If you’re interested in booking a Startup Partner Consultancy meeting to discuss hosting, security and growth plans call us today. Whether you’re at the ideation, concepts, validation, scaling or establishing phase, we would love to talk to you about your innovative Disruptive Technology projects.


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