I did it! 23 hours and 41 minutes after starting, myself and my amazing climbing partner Dan had successfully completed the Three Peaks Challenge by ascending the three highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales in aid of the British Heart Foundation. Ben Nevis, followed swiftly by Scafell Pike and Snowdon, proved challenging but exhilarating. I have to say that the overriding memory is one of pain but there were special moments which will stick with me: walking up Ben Nevis in the sunshine and Dan’s crazy desire to run all the time despite an injured knee! A massive thank you to our Ops Director Rob who did a sterling job on the driving front and to Mother Nature for holding off the rain just long enough for us to get down Snowdon!

It’s not too late to support our great cause – the British Heart Foundation. Veber is supporting this charity through the Three Peaks Challenge as it’s one which is close to our hearts. Annette, one of the Veber employees, suffered with a rare condition known as Post-Partum Cardiomyopathy after the birth of her son. She continues to take medication now but the condition started with pre-natal symptoms such as swelling and breathlessness. These were overlooked as part and parcel of Annette’s pregnancy and her existing asthma but one week after giving birth Annette was back in hospital with prolonged swelling, high blood pressure and severe breathlessness. It took a while for diagnosis during which time medication meant an end to breast feeding and over a week’s separation from her baby whilst she was treated at the UK’s largest specialist heart and lung centre, the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS trust, for heart failure. Annette’s care continues now in the form of regular check-ups at the Brompton as well as access to BHF supported local groups such as cardiac rehab. She is incredibly grateful for the support and information that the BHF have provided her and her family and I’m really happy to be able to give something back.

The sponsorship page is still open and we would be very grateful for your generous donations. We’ll be continuing to support the BHF over the next year so keep an eye out for news of the next Veber challenge. It will be someone else’s turn next time though!



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