Veber have a complete set of tools for all of your load balancing and DNS needs.

With so much commerce done on the internet, it's crucial that your business can keep its online operations reliable. Downtime costs more than just time, it costs resources, cash and customer trust.

By distributing the workload evenly across computing machines, networks, processing units etc., our load balancing systems better allocate resources and enable maximum data flow with minimum response time, and in doing so, avoid overloading of a single server. No downtime, no problem.

Veber also offer some fantastic DNS management solutions that will allow you to choose which servers are hosting specific parts of your website, transferring services from one server to another in order to get the best possible set up for the efficiency, reliability and quality of your site.

All of our solutions are bespoke, tailored for your business needs.

What is it?

Load Balancing

Load balancing refers to different distribution techniques that help spread workload and traffic across various servers in a network.

The analogy is straightforward: the more hands working on the job, the faster the job gets done. With regards to computer networks, load balancing increases overall computing efficiency, minimises downtime, and raises overall performance.

Global load balancing is based on the same principle, but its implementation is not limited to a local network. Instead, the workload is distributed globally instead of across just one data center. Global load balancing offers both disaster recovery benefits and enhanced traffic management to optimise site or application performance.


DNS is like a phone book for the Internet. If you know a person’s name but don’t know their telephone number, you can simply look it up in a phone book. DNS provides this same service to the Internet.

When you visit a site in a browser, your computer uses DNS to retrieve the website’s IP address. Without DNS, you would only be able to visit a website by visiting its IP address directly.

DNS management is the service that allows domain name owners to manage the way their DNS records are stored. This means they can choose which servers are hosting specific parts of their website, transferring services from one server to another in order to get the most efficient setup for your site or app.

As most sites are hosted by several servers, having this kind of DNS control is essential for best function.

At Veber we look at your business requirements and offer you a complete bespoke solution for your load balancing needs. Get in touch with our team to see what we can do for you!

At Veber we also offer our clients the ability to manage their domains and sub-domains, e-mail aliases, mail records, SPF records, WHOIS records and A Records, via our in-house built Web Hosting Control Panel. Thanks to the design of our Domain Manager, the editing of the DNS records is as simple as just filling and submitting the desired name servers.

With Veber, there aren’t any special requirements for implementing Global Load Balancing for your website. You simply need to select the required servers that you wish to use in different locations. You can choose between several global locations. Then your website data is placed on servers of your choice in all the chosen locations.

You can manage both the settings for your domain name and the website content from one place - Your Control Panel, so that there is no need for you to remember multiple settings and passwords, and your website files, databases etc will be distributed as needed. We also offer you the option to register your own name servers if required.

Why choose Veber?

Veber offers its clients a full DNS Management service. Allowing you to edit and create:

  • NS Records
  • A Records
  • CNAME Records
  • MX Records
  • SRV Records
  • WHOIS Records
and more...

The Veber Network Infrastructure – built using leading hardware including Juniper, Raritan, Cisco, Dell, EMC on the Veber high-speed, maintained, managed and monitored resilient network infrastructure based at Telehouse Datacentre London. –

If you’d like a tour of Telehouse, known as the UK's premier Datacentre please contact us; we would be delighted to show you around.

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