Before we propose 8 reasons to Host – A recap on What is Server Hosting?
In essence it is a service provided by companies such as Veber where we provide you with access to top of the range Dell servers in a secure data centre which has a proven record of 99.999% availability. The data centres have multiple power supplies, multiple cooling systems, 24/365 physical security and access to multiple gigabit communication lines to reach the outside world. The servers can be dedicated to you – not surprisingly called dedicated servers, or a shared resource where you are provided with access to a secure virtual server. Veber virtual servers are managed using the industry leading vmWare software – these are called cloud servers. Cloud servers are generally lower cost but are not suitable for all applications. You can get in touch with one of our team of hosting specialists to start a conversation about understanding the benefits of each option in your environment.


Every 4 or 5 years you face the prospect of ensuring that your business’ IT systems are up to the job for the next five years. And then you are faced with the million dollar question: do you spend your valuable cash or credit on buying new servers (at the expense maybe of that much needed monetary injection into accommodation or personnel) or do you look at alternatives which do not consume your cash and which could even offer a cash flow benefit?

Server hosting provides just such a financing alternative: use your monthly operating expenses to fund a manageable monthly payment for a high performance server solution leaving valuable cash/credit to fund business growth. Sound like a no-brainer? Hosting provides a number of solutions with varying performance and costs so you will be able to work with hosting specialists to optimise your servers.


Hosting requires NO upfront capital outlay – simply a manageable monthly payment for a server hosting solution which will allow you to maximise capital investment in business growth, or if you wish just minimise your cash outlay. Why use valuable Annual Investment Allowance on servers when you host with a provider with resilient, secure, and highly reliable data centres? The Annual Investment Allowance can be better invested in business growth – buy a boat or some new holiday homes to increase your profits.


Veber use only DELL servers. We host them in UK based, secure, resilient data centres with dual power supplies, N+1 cooling (N+1 means redundant with a spare on standby) and 24/7/365 physical security. We have a high performance network with multiple gigabit lines and controllers to provide high availability – our current availability record is 99.999%.

You’ll have a wide range of server options designed to suit all business needs and a team of experienced, knowledgeable and supportive hosting engineers to help you choose the best solution for your business needs. Veber’s portfolio ranges from low cost cloud servers where you pay for only for the resources you use, to servers totally dedicated to your business. They ALL share our secure data centre environment and network – you choose the best price/performance solution for your business.


As part of a server hosting agreement your provider will take full responsibility for your server and network hardware, its maintenance and repair. Costs for 4 hour response maintenance agreements can reach up to £1400 per year per server, including hardware support for firewalls and antivirus software. Veber promises to do a faster repair all within your affordable monthly hosting fee – a significant saving.


When you own your own servers you have a big responsibility to ensure that they are reliable and fast enough to provide your business with acceptable response and a high level of availability. As your business grows so will the pressure on your server hardware – what will happen when you outgrow your servers after just 2-3 years? Of course you could upgrade or replace them but that’s an expensive, capital hungry exercise.

If you host your servers the solution is SIMPLE and requires NO capital. Just tell us when you are reaching the capacity of your current servers and we will provide you with an upgrade path to a new server solution. We can help you choose your new configuration, we will change the hardware, load your OS and data with minimal down time for your business. If your business priorities demand that we do the migration out of business hours that’s OK too.
Your monthly hosting fees may increase and depending upon your needs there may be a migration fee, but Veber try to minimise these costs for our loyal customers.


Have you investigated the cost of powering your servers and network hardware?

Typically you will have a small room with a power supply, a backup PSU and a cooling solution to maximise reliability. Veber’s Data Centre power utilisation statistics show that a typical 4 server solution costs £1,550 per year to power and cool. A Veber Data Centre provides:
High performance, secure, resilient and reliable servers with availability of 99.999%
Dual power supplies for resilience
N+1 Cooling which provides dual cooling systems plus a hot backup
Dual communication lines with unlimited bandwidth
24/365 physical security
All within your monthly hosting fee.


In a hosting environment you have the choice to be as hands on as you wish: you can manage your server OS environment 100% or be completely hands off with a  managed server solution.

In BOTH cases you will not have the chore of managing your server and network hardware or your server room. You will not have the responsibility to provide 24/7/365 power and cooling. If your hardware develops a fault your provider takes full responsibility to repair and get you back on line in the shortest possible time.


Hosting is a bit like travel (but more reliable) – there is not one mode of travel which meets all travellers’ needs.Some journeys require an aeroplane (787 Dreamliner would be nice), some a bicycle, some a bus, and of course a boat is handy when you have to cross water.

Similar issues come with servers – your business needs will define what type of server configuration is suitable and cost effective for you. At Veber we have a team of advisors who have the experience, knowledge and the time to advise you on the solution best suited for your business.
Does your business need a cloud server where you pay for the resources you use? Cloud servers are a low cost and flexible solution. If you have a high peak demand such as sending 1000s of mailers each day, and a low demand at other times, this may be the right cost effective solution or you.

A medium to large business with a regular database demand would likely be better served by using a number of dedicated servers which are 100% dedicated to their own use.

Get in touch with Tracey who will be able to point you in the right direction towards making the decision which is best for your business: 020 3468 7016/020 3468 7000.

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