This article on the BBC website caught our eye today. They state that according to a recent report by EMC almost three-quarters of firms and public sector organisations across nine European countries may not fully recover their computer systems or data after an IT failure.

“The report by IT group EMC said 74% were “not very confident” they could fully restore their networks. It also found that 54% admitted they had lost data or suffered systems downtime in the past 12 months.”

Any downtime or data loss presents a real shake in confidence for those affected and brings to the surface the questions of safety and security.

Our take on it? Ensure your data is backed up and ensure that your hosting solutions are as resilient as possible. Always ask the questions, never assume. The only way that you will have confidence in your IT platform is by ensuring that critical information is shared.

We believe there’s a requirement for transparency and communication to all our clients old, new and prospective.

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