Veber FinTech vs Banking Industry Event Recommendations

Recently we hosted our first Disruptive Technology event. ‘Globalisation of FinTech.


The event was held at the Dorchester hotel, London. We brought together leading minds in the FinTech startup space and investors for discussions around the future of FinTech and changes in the traditional banking world.

“Trust, reputation, management, expertise is what enables growth within FinTech. Whilst adding computing power/storage constantly in response to the varying user demand levels is also very important. Successful FinTech companies are the ones refining how people are organising themselves around financial products. None rely on out of the box tech, instead they let their clients dictate which apps and services they use.”

Tim Poultney
CEO Veber – Cloud & Dedicated Hosting Specialists

Our CEO, Tim Poultney shared experience and knowledge around using technology to react to rapidly expanding consumer demands from beginning a FinTech journey, to transforming into a SMB, and then on to corporation. A FinTech Silicon Valley startup case study was presented by leading industry expert Stuart Neal, Commercial Lead – Digital Gold, Royal Mint. Stuart covered the 12 things every startup should know from concept to acquisition. Neil Cattermull from Compare the Cloud discussed the Future of FinTech. Neil Laver, Sales & Marketing Director at Veber shared consumer insights from our first Disruptive Technology consumer survey.

About the Veber FinTech vs Banking Consumer Survey Report

The Veber FinTech Consumer Survey was based on discovering user perceptions of Banking, a once stable and traditional industry landscape, in comparison to what we’re now seeing which is the ever changing innovative FinTech market. The survey focusses on the trends of FinTech and whether the face of traditional banking will change by 2020.


The white paper also includes more video extracts from leading FinTech experts and an exclusive interview with George Huntley, COO The Money Platform. George gives an in depth account of his FinTech startup journey and his views on the Banking industry and the rise of FinTech. A sneak peak of the interview is below.


Disruptive Technology Series 1: 

  • View videos below or view more FinTech industry experts here
  • View or download the FinTech vs Banks Consumer Report PDF
  • View or download the FinTech Vs Banking presentation PPT

nicholas-dryden_sthaler   lionel_hackett_wise-crowd

andrew_cookson_telleroo  justuna_madry_pwc

Interested in hearing more?…

  • Register your interest for our 2nd Disruptive Technology 2017 event:
  • Talk to us about your FinTech startup business: 0203-468-7001

Did you know…?
FinTech is growing faster than any other industry. Over the next ten years the number of digital technology companies in London is expected to rise to 45,000 and create more than £12 billion of economic activity. Oxford Economics

London has become the FinTech capital of the world – With more people employed in the sector than any other city worldwide, standing at 44,000 (1,000 more than New York)

Bitcoin & Blockchain bounce back
Investment into bitcoin and blockchain bounced back in Q1 2016 after a downward trend since Q2 2015
CB Insights research

In 2015 largest blockchain and bitcoin investments involved strategic and corporate investors, such as Google, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, Visa, BBVA and AXA
CB Insights research

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