A Frank Sinatra and Disaster Recovery Scenario. It’s the first day snow settles in London. It’s also the first day of the January sales 2017.

 Frank Blueeyes

A leading eCommerce shopping site is experiencing extremely high volumes traffic. Sales and orders for international deliveries are at an all time high. The mood in the front and back office is cheerful. Everything is going according to plan. As this store has a well architected technical setup, Justin the CEO is confident IT can handle the heavy influx of sales, orders and deliveries. Peak traffic levels are hitting an all time high. Justin tells his driver to head to the airport to whisk he and his wife away on a surprise flight to New York to pick up some exclusive shopping deals. How romantic.

Just as he is about to board his plane he glances at his ‘fruit-branded’ wearable watch and sees a series of missed messages. There is a big IT problem that needs a very quick resolution.

Primary site server taken out due to a regional power failure.

Primary site server B to the same data centre power failure.

Secondary site server A – taken out due to 2 hard disk failures.


Does Justin board the plane to New York or does he stay in London to resolve it?

Justin has just 2 minutes to decide before his gate closes.


Justin doesn’t even hesitate, he boards the plane while whistling to ‘Come Fly with me‘, by Ol Blue Eyes.


1. Because his wife will buy everything in the Saks jewellery department in his absence.

2. Veber manages the DRaaS plan of his company and runs monthly DR tests to mitigate any risk to the operation of his business. Justin knows his business is already back up and running.

Veber Disaster Recovery

Our virtual DRaaS technology constantly documents the data in primary site servers. In this case it simply points to the secondary site, server B, which continues to operate and in turn DR server C on, which also begins to operate. Job done.

The store has a brief service outage for 3 minutes, instead of an outage resulting in lost details of customer transactions and delivery details.

It’s the impact that’s the real disaster


Response time objectives

In the case of an outage this company’s agreed recovery time objective is 45 minutes. After an hour hundreds of orders will be going out without any personal details and no tracking data of customer purchases will be captured. In other words it will be complete carnage. With millions spent on seasonal advertising and celebrity endorsements the chances of this company becoming headline news for the wrong reasons will be very high. It takes just 10 minutes to get the front and back office back in full swing and humming along to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s ‘Let it snow’.

At Veber we’re 100% confident that using our journal based replication recovery methods can match the needs of high availability complex environment such as international eCommerce and shop front stores. Most standard DRaaS solutions will take 6 hours per server. Our DRaaS restore can have you back in business in just 10 minutes.

Veber have over 15 years experience in handling complex technical environments. We design and deploy the most stringent security and DRaaS systems to work with each business goal. Also, we periodically test servers to make sure we can smoothly restore business operations before customers notice. The impact of an outage means connections have to be reset, operating systems needs to be rebooted, permissions restored and data drawn down. In most cases a panic under disaster recovery circumstances can increase human error. With an IT team facing the one of the busiest times of the year this situation could cause the most experienced CIO to buckle. This is why DRaaS testing is so important and IT employees need to be fully on board.

The moral of this Disaster Recovery tale is:

If your business drives online sales, your customers need to trust that your business will operate and protect their data no matter what the disaster scenario.

Disaster Recovery expenditure is instrumental to the life blood of your business and keeps customers and employees merry during the January blues.

Above all nothing should be taken for granted so test, test and retest your DRaaS!

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