The importance of Disaster Recovery is often realised after the event.

Veber has the solution.

  • Continuous replication across multiple VMware and Microsoft sites
  • Fully automated to execute failover, recovery and DR testing with one click
  • Replication to a choice of disaster recovery datacentres
  • On-Premise and off-premise disaster recovery datacentre options
  • Full remote control and centralized management
  • Easy to manage, reduced troubleshooting and quicker resolutions
  • Complete solution for virtual environments, supporting private, hybrid and public clouds

Every second of down-time has a damaging effect your revenue and reputation. We have a range of solutions that'll keep your business lights on get in touch for more information.

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    Build and configure

    From start to finish our "Masters of Disaster Avoidance" will build and configure your DR solution which can be installed and configured with no downtime. Based on your critical business needs, your RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) and RPO (Recovery Point Objectives), we provide a compliant solution backed with guarantees.

    System Replication

    Our DR replication solution includes journal based protection that creates recovery points in increments down to the second at any point in time up to 14 days in the past. So don’t just protect against datacentre wide issues such as hardware failures, power issues or natural disasters, but we also protect against failures such as database corruptions, faulty application, viruses, upgrades and user errors.


    We employ regular zero impact testing with full reporting. This testing is part of our standard service as we believe iIt’s vital that your Disaster Recovery solution is regularly tested giving you full confidence that your service will work perfectly when needed. We offer secure monitoring across multiple sites from anywhere, anytime. You can failover and test within a disparate environment whether hardware, platform or software.

    Instant Recovery - Lights on

    Should you invoke disaster recovery your replicated systems are booted and available very rapidly. Your recovered servers offer the same high performance as your primary systems and you can be confident that you will benefit from Veber’s compliance, security and robustness.

    Remote, Rewind, Recover, Restore, Perform, Business Continuity

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