A recent Deloitte survey found that those companies who have adopted Cloud Hosting strategies for the provision of IT services are more profitable by a factor on 21% on average. The reasons for this are composed of a number of accumulating factors.

Cloud Hosting has the inherent advantage of server scalability with the possibility to utilise only the resources required whilst having the opportunity simply up-scale when required. Of course only paying for the resources you use is a welcome benefit. Cloud Hosting users enjoy faster growth because they focus their energy on the business, leaving their Hosting provider to manage IT with a 99.999% reliability.

Using a Cloud Hosting provider can give a company

  • Reduced operating costs for an improved level of IT service
  • Reduction in utility expenditure. No electricity for servers or air conditioning
  • Lower staffing costs or redeployment of staff to focus on core business improvement
  • Predictable operating expenditure with no surprises
  • Better utilisation of capital to enable investment in core business operations rather than support functions
  • The adoption of Cloud Hosting typically provides a step function in computer power raising the effectiveness of all employees
  • 99.999% availability means very low system downtime and maximised staff efficiency
  • Cloud Hosting can provide business continuity by safeguarding business critical applications and data against localised emergencies (such as flooding, power and communication blackouts)
  • External/Mobile staff can access live business data securely and directly to the Cloud Hosted Server from where ever there is an internet connection

Cloud hosting is today’s most positive trend in IT technology that is driving down the cost of computer services provision. The British Government through its G-cloud initiative is promoting the use of Cloud Hosting for both central and local government solely on the cost benefits it brings. A company fighting in any market with lower profitability levels than those of their direct competitors will continue to struggle while those that adopt low operating costs for all their services will lead their markets and prosper.

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