• What is the difference between a Dedicated/Shared and Managed Server?
    • Shared Servers are the entry-level way of having a website or service on the Internet. However, along with the low cost you generally get low reliability because of the number of customers per box, and the server software is also not generally customisable. A Dedicated Server is a server that is supplied and installed precisely to the client's specification. You can customise every element on the server; from the hardware, operating system or software.

      A managed server is the same as a dedicated server, except that we take over the responsibility of managing the operating system and firewall that protect it for you. With your managed server, all you need to do is provide us with your website or web application and we'll take care of the configuration, making sure you don't need extensive know-how to get your website up and running.
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  • How do I know which level Dedicated Server is right for me?
    • It's difficult to tell sometimes, but it's easiest to give us a call or email us – we can then advise you on the best course to go down, we've over ten years' experience in the hosting arena and we know roughly what you'd need.
  • What are the advantages of RAID 1?
    • Simply put, RAID1 mirrors your data across a minimum of 2 disks, so should a disk fail, there is a second one already running. In most circumstances RAID1 sets can be rebuilt on the fly – RAID sets are also invisible to the operating system and show up as one disk.
  • Why do Veber choose global top tier hardware such as Dell, IBM & HP?
    • Simple – the support you get is second to none – all our dedicated servers come with 4 hour manufacture guarantee and support, meaning any hardware issues are sorted quickly if they do happen.
  • What are the reasons to choose between a Linux or Windows based OS?
    • It depends on what you want to run – for example if you just need simple web hosting, a linux server would be perfect – if you want to run Outlook with Exchange, you'll need a Microsoft Windows server. Each server is appropriate for its needs – if you need to talk to us about it – please call us or send us an email.

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Veber has been a very reliable hosting supplier for one of my businesses over the last four years. Whenever I have had a query, and that's not very often, it is replied to promptly and efficiently. My downtime has been negligible - all to do with management of the services around my server. Innoware

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