Running a Dedicated Server yourself can be a time consuming task with all the updates and security patches that are continually required by software manufacturers and even hardware vendors.

At Veber we can see that people sometimes want the option of having our team of experienced staff keeping their servers updated and warning them of any potential security issues as and when they become known – we hope this will provide that bit of peace and reassurance that companies with smaller IT departments sometimes need.

As standard you will have remote access to control your dedicated server power state and be able to look at the server console with it in any state using our IPKVM or on board Dell iDrac.

Alternatively, Veber can provide packaged systems with easy to use tools for doing the day to day tasks that server operators sometimes need, such as adding or removing mail users, adding or removing websites, or just simply keeping track of bandwidth utilisation.

cPanel is our server management package of choice. It will be installed by our experienced team of system administrators and a final handoff will be done by our team to make sure you are all set up and ready to go.

cPanel Server Software

cPanel servers are a way of managing and hosting multiple websites and email accounts all on one server. Instead of being provided with a server with minimal management facilities on board (usually either command line or configuration file based), cPanel servers provide website owners with an easy to use online web-based management console to make all the day to day management tasks simple.

With a cPanel server you can:

  • Upload and manage web pages
  • Create email accounts
  • Install web-based applications like blogs, shopping carts and forums
  • Back up data
  • Protect a site's content from abuse
  • Generate and view statistics about visitors

Each cPanel server is a dedicated server with the cPanel control software installed on top – cPanel runs industry standard web, mail and database software, so there are never any compatibility issues.

cPanel works on Linux operating systems, we have chosen to base ours on Centos – a redhat based Linux distribution.



Since cPanel is a website management console, you can pick what hardware specification it runs on from our dedicated server range.