contactlessWe know its early in the month but we have already found some hot contactless payments trends, tips and news stories that we need to shout and scream about. Check out these great technology trends we’re dying to get our hands on and what to watch out for when avoiding flashing out cash for payments.

We asked the team at Veber to name 3 things that rarely leave your left hand: Some answers included a cup of coffee, mobile phone, or wedding and engagement rings. The top answer was a mobile phone. So where better to add a contactless payment technology than a personalised smartphone case? Barclaycard has made it the top of our genius contactless payment list this month with this cool contactless innovation.

On that note, what’s next? Contactless watches of course. This month Tappy launches the world’s first payment module for watches and jewellery pieces.

So you have lost your debit card, we have all done it. No problem, you call the bank and it’s duly cancelled, job done. Or so you think. Shocking security news has come to light this month. Your cancelled debit/contactless cards can be used months after they’re cancelled by fraudsters, an MSE investigation has found. Even worse, the investigation highlights a chaotic system in which banks are powerless to prevent cancelled cards being used by fraudsters, and don’t even know when the fraud will end. Another contactless card tip is always ask for a receipt and check your bill. Contactless payments mean we’re more likely to be overcharged – and less likely to spot it.

Have you seen the new chewable, bendable and hard to fakeable five pound note floating around yet? No, will you might not see it for a while yet. It seems like contactless payment is soaring. Did you know that spending on contactless cards during the first six months of 2016 has outstripped the amount for the whole of 2015?

Whats next for contactless? Is Bitcoin going to break the high streets?  We would love to know your thoughts.

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