Reading the BBC’s article ( on the new Facebook/Skype link up to provide video chat this morning and it’s raised a few eyebrows in the Veber office. Not that we are against the idea at all it’s just that it seems easy to get carried away in the media hype. To be honest, that seems to be true of most things nowadays, unless you’re a hermit…but anyway the crux of the matter for us is that there are so many options for communicating that the most effective for building long term solid relationships could be easily overseen: meeting face to face and actually talking to people. Don’t get me wrong – we all do it. We all have email inboxes full of emails from people that we ‘communicate’ with regularly but with whom we haven’t had  a proper conversation in weeks. It’s just easier that way. But, it’s also true to say that the phone and doorbell ring a lot in the Veber office and there’s also a lot of chat, of building of relationships and that’s the way we like it. In our business it’s rarely ever as simple as ordering a service off the shelf. Our hosting solutions require flexibility and tailoring to individual needs and that requires getting to know the individuals concerned. Fancy a chat….?

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