How do we measure uptime?

Simply put in percentage terms, the bigger the percentage the better the uptime is. Contractually Veber offer a 99.999% uptime – our network is so good that last year we actually had a 100% uptime (excluding scheduled outages).

What's good bandwidth?

Bandwidth is one of the hosting industry’s hidden problems and often isn't talked about. Bandwidth isn't all equal because cheaper carriers often use cheap non-resilient hardware and skimp on various bits and pieces which make a network reliable. Veber uses many Tier 1 bandwidth providers such as NTT, Tiscali, Level3  and Cogent to ensure high performance and stability.

How important is the datacentre location you go to?

At Veber we think it's really important. You can toss up the pros and cons of using top tier facilities in terms of cost and reliability: yes, top tier facilities such as Telehouse, London are more expensive to host from but with the amount of infrastructure provided for power backup, air conditioning and service we've never had a single power outage or problem in our twelve years of hosting.

What other people say about us…

In the valley of the blind, the one eyed man is Veber. We utilise Veber dedicated server solutions and custom management facilities, with full support from a team of real people with real knowledge that is hard to find these days. If you are as serious about your business as we are, look no further. Veber will open both your eyes. Parmi Phull, Creative Director, CCTVinfo

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