Have you been looking at what cloud web hosting options there are but don’t know whether it’s right for your business? Or does the term cloud simply conjure up images of a stormy sky?
Clouds might be bad for business if your mission is to get people to sunnier climates but we know a type of cloud that can actually benefit your business needs.
Our consumer research shows that when it comes to considering a cloud hosting solution, our customers and prospects fall into 2 categories:

  • The happy
  • The discouraged

Our aim is to ensure that everyone is happy with their business hosting solution, whether it be an off-premise, cloud based solution or something different. It’s a tall order but one to which Veber is committed.

So what of the cloud?

Whatever your understanding, it is true to say that publicity within the hosting industry and amongst its commentators suggests strongly that 2013 is poised to be the year of the cloud. And, the majority of us are already using the cloud in our personal lives (think Googlemail, Hotmail, Facebook, Dropbox, Apple iCloud). Whilst cloud computing has matured significantly in the last couple of years, Veber’s experience is that the enterprise cloud remains an enigma for many businesses. We regularly come across questions like these:

Sounding familiar? Good. You’re in the right place. Read on and we’ll endeavour to start to unpick the enigma.

What does ‘cloud’ actually mean?

The functionality of the cloud is vast and we welcome further questions but simply put, cloud is used as an umbrella term for a number of different trends, all involving the internet and its potential to simplify the way we use computers and extend their capabilities. In non-technical terms it is simply the use of space and processing power on a remote server that allows data to be accessed over the internet rather than using the space and power of in-house PCs or servers.

Where is my data actually stored?

So, no fluffiness or floating, rather a platform which sits within a server that is securely hosted in a data centre – a physical location. Veber uses UK data centres at Telehouse London as well as our own data facility in Watford.


Is the location of the datacentre important?

Yes, the location of the datacentre is important, especially with regard to personal data. The EU Data Protection Directive requires data to either be stored in the European Economic Area (EEA) or in a territory that has equivalent privacy laws. Location is also important when choosing a hosting company – a UK based company would not host their website in the USA because of the distance and route the data needs to travel to get to their UK audience. There could be issues with speed and a fast website is crucial in today’s competing markets.

Can anyone get to my data?

No, not even the hosting company can get to your data. You are in control of what is on your server – your server is stored in a locked cabinet, in an access controlled area within a datacentre which is a high security purpose built building that only authorised personal can access. We maintain and upgrade your server hardware as part of the hosting service, and offer additional management services for software. However, in order to access any areas of your data we would need to know passwords which only you have.


Is the cloud secure?

Most cloud security concerns relate to the shared resources character of cloud computing. In the Veber cloud this is not a concern because your data is stored in its own separate storage box. All that is shared is the server’s power. The storage device is divided up between users and only those with access can get to each box. Indeed, for non-security experts, leaving IT security issues to the hands of professionals working for the cloud service provider could increase security.

Are clouds interoperable? Is it possible to easily change your cloud service provider?

At the moment different cloud hosting solutions are not as interoperable as they could be. Cloud providers might use different operating systems or application interfaces which are not interoperable, meaning that software developed to work with one cloud provider may not easily be made to work with another.

Veber’s Cloud Hosting Solution

Veber offer VMware® Cloud Servers. These are off-premise servers, divided into smaller sections using software which allows each little piece to act like a small dedicated server. The client shares resources of the entire cloud infrastructure but gets full control of the operating system, settings and security.

What Veber is doing for others

  • Preventing Disasters
  • Ensuring Business Continuity in the event of a natural disaster or human error
  • Meeting Data Protection Regulations
  • Providing complete peace of mind
  • Backing up valuable data using the fully encrypted Veber Cloud Backup service
  • Building Virtual Private Network (VPN) infrastructures with our VMware platform allowing staff at different locations across the world to share important business data and applications, such as booking/reservation software.
  • Providing High Availability which ensures a second server kicks in within minutes in the unlikely event of hardware failure,


A cloud hosting solution for my business? Yes.

The bottom line is that you should look into what a cloud hosting solution can offer your business. Whilst Veber Dedicated Servers remain a popular choice amongst our clients who require high end dedicated hosting solutions, we also offer cloud hosting solutions because they can also be the right choice for many enterprise hosting requirements:

  • Inherent flexibility allows the client to choose and change the resources required, when required.
  • Supported by specialists who understand the software and the needs of the clients.
  • Reduced downtime with the peace of mind of Veber’s 100% insurance backed SLAs.
  • Cost savings brought about by reduced overheads and shared resources.
  • No capital expenditure thanks to monthly payments.
  • Security provided by an enterprise level firewall of your choice.
  • High availability which allows ecommerce sites, mail servers, Windows or Linux servers to run without interruption.
  • Dynamic load balancing between cloud nodes which helps to ensure your servers stay up even if there are other servers under duress.
  • Zero downtime live migration functionality where necessary to allow for stress-free moving of hosted systems.
  • Compliant with EU Data Protection laws.

Of course this is the bit where we say “Get in touch! We have lots of experience! We can help you!” Well, yes please, we have and we can but, as we have said before, we are also aware that there is a plethora of rationales behind business’ choices of hosting solution and that a conversation needs to take place, a period of evaluation needs to occur and a unique hosting solution needs to be designed (at the right price) to provide your business a painless way to embrace the realities of the modern workplace IT infrastructure. We are really good at that.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Tracey Collier on 020 3468 7016/020 3468 7000 or traceyc@veber.co.uk


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