The Psychology of Colour..and what it means for Veber’s message

What does the colour red mean to most of us within the UK? Danger perhaps you might assume, but maybe not. To some people of differing […]

What’s the new Galaxy Nexus really like?

Having waited for goodness how long for the latest iteration of the iPhone, and being surprised, yet not surprised at the gentle evolution of the apple […]

2011: the year ‘The Cloud’ went mainstream

We liked this article written by Thoran Rodrigues on TechRepublic – “2011: The year the Cloud went mainstream” as it sums up our USP for our […]

Read Veber’s December 2011 Newsletter

Special Dedicated Server offer, Python Cloud Server & Cloud Backup update & exciting news on Veber business development for 2012. Veber December 2011 Newsletter

Veber December Dedicated Server Offer

            Take a look at the Veber website for details of our December Special Offer on entry level Dedicated Servers. We […]

Happy Christmas from the Veber team!

Wishing our customers, contacts and friends a very happy Christmas. Thank you for your support over the past 12 months. 2012 promises to be a very […]

Do businesses need to do more to protect against IT failure?

This article on the BBC website caught our eye today. They state that according to a recent report by EMC almost three-quarters of firms and public […]

Presentation secrets we can learn from Steve Jobs

  With a a couple of new products coming out in early 2012 to promote (first faux pas…apparently we need the magic number 3 in there […]

3,2,1…the launch of Cloud begins

Please see below for the POBox Group’s latest PR release detailing our aims for our Cloud Server and Cloud Backup services which will be launched in […]

Cloud v Dedicated

So, cloud hosting is changing the IT industry for good. Because the technology of cloud computing is infinitely scalable in capacity and capability, it fulfills the […]