October Top 25 Most Popular Dedicated Server Provider

We have been lucky enough to once again be part of The Dedicated Server Directory’s UK Top 25 Dedicated Server providers. Take a look at the […]

In Flanders Fields

phone updates

came across a really interesting article on pocket lint: http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/42762/infographic-highlights-plight-android-orphans if you only want to look at the pretty pictures – have a look at the […]

Cloud Cloudy Cloudier

In the process of doing lots of research for our new Cloud Server and Cloud Backup service, Python, which Veber will be launching in early 2012 […]

Veber floating into the cloud

Veber is now embarking on the next stage of the company development: our new Python Cloud Server and Cloud Backup services which are scheduled to come […]

Good News Everyone!



So we know we need to have a social media presence  and web presence – it’s the place you have to be to be found nowadays, […]

How many servers does Google operate?

Interesting article from DCK about Google’s server infrastructure and specifically their power usage, something that’s relevant for our industry. http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2011/08/01/report-google-uses-about-900000-servers/

We’ve rebranded!

We’ve rebranded! It’s finally happened, we’re now 100% veber – please take a look at our website and let us know what you think – you […]

Welcome to the Veber Knowledge Base (KB): Bandwidth

As promised, here is the first in the Veber Knowledge Base Whitepaper 101 series. We are not seeking to rock the hosting world with new information […]