Favourite Veber quotes for a Monday smile :o)

Whilst we are hard at work, we thought we’d lift the Monday morning gloom with a few quotes to make us smile: Here is Edward Bear, […]

German Apple Store defaced with Windows logo

German Apple Store defaced with Windows logo The pure cheek of it! Amusing though and put a much needed smile on our faces today!

Interesting Insight into Facebook

I was reading an interesting article on facebook’s networking infrastructure – bear in mind this article was posted back in February 2010 – so over a […]

Between the Lines

http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/if-you-work-in-it-youre-in-the-people-and-influence-business/48721 We were happy to see this article via Linked In. One of the criteria for our rebrand to Veber was to make the company more […]

historical photo opportunity

From the Veber archive, our first server photographed in approx 2000, a Supermicro 1U server with dual 18Gb SCSI drives, dual Intel Pentium 3 processors and […]

Would you host Wikileaks?

This one caught my eye on THEWHIR. An interesting dilemma: money vs morals? The US government has subpoenaed Twitter for the personal details of people connected […]