Veber Marketing Does Kit

We gave the marketing girl some kit, it started something like this...

Return to a familiar topic: GOOD customer service

We like to think we’re pretty good at this at Veber. Not perfect, but pretty damn good. So, when another article came up discussing this very […]

Is there really such a thing as customer loyalty?

This question raised our eyebrows when reading this blog. The scenarios being discussed are slightly different from our own B2B tech environment but nonetheless the resonance […]

The Psychology of Colour..and what it means for Veber’s message

What does the colour red mean to most of us within the UK? Danger perhaps you might assume, but maybe not. To some people of differing […]

Presentation secrets we can learn from Steve Jobs

  With a a couple of new products coming out in early 2012 to promote (first faux pas…apparently we need the magic number 3 in there […]

phone updates

came across a really interesting article on pocket lint: if you only want to look at the pretty pictures – have a look at the […]

The “Veber” Forever

When I had ‘do blog’ on my list  for today this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind (there is a Veber review of the new […]

The History of the iPhone

        One for the more technically minded of you out there today! Probably good pub quiz fodder for the future. I’m sure that […]


Reading the BBC’s article ( on the new Facebook/Skype link up to provide video chat this morning and it’s raised a few eyebrows in the Veber office. […]

Blast from the past..

A little light hearted fun today (and something which gives away the average age of the Veber team!) Those WERE the days…we haven’t forgotten!