Payment Trends

Here’s an August round up of the hottest payment trends on the market. 1. We’re seeing a trend of in-app payments features to entice consumers to […]

New Veber Senior Sys Admin, Pete ‘Jedi’ Brar, brings the power of the Force

Not so long ago one Pete ‘Jedi’ Brar was star trekking across cyberspace seeking out the next frontier and (fortuitously) hit the big Veber Cloud. After […]

Leap Motion Controller Review

Well, it’s an interesting world isn’t it? Only back in 2002 we were being wowed with scenes of the future in Minority Report with Tom Cruise […]

Bert and Betty

This month they are feeling the results of having to be thrifty in their holiday planning. Luckily, Betty still managed to get a great deal online […]

Out with the old in with the new

With the launch of our lovely new website, we would like to give one of our lovely customers a brand new iPad Mini! There’s no catch […]

Just for Fun – Name our Travelling Duo

Do our intrepid travellers remind you of someone? We’d love to hear from you with ideas for their names. Next month, as the holiday season draws […]

Tech Gadgets Loved and Lost

Over the last couple of months we’ve been exploring bits of kit with our marketing girl and looking back at how technology has evolved from the […]

A Sysadmin’s Night Before Christmas

With Christmas Eve fast approaching and offices soon to be closing for the holidays, unfortunately for some next week will be just as busy. We came […]

Daughterboard – Marketing Does Kit

So here we are again; trying to figure out what the strange piece of kit that I’ve been given this week does. I do note though, that at […]

What is a DWDM? – Veber Marketing Does Kit

On Monday, the challenge was set and I was given the task of finding out what this piece of kit was. After hurriedly working through the […]