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Unique Hosting Needs of Big Data

With so many businesses starting to collect and process big data, where will they store it? Read on as Veber examine the unique hosting needs of big data.
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Offshore Hosting vs Hosting in The UK

  Image Source – Delfi de la Rua When it comes to choosing a hosting provider for your business, there are many things to consider, such […]

The Best Cloud Computing Solutions for Small Businesses

In 2015, the global cloud computing market had a growth rate of 28%, according to research. Similarly, a survey has found that 68% of respondents were […]

Veber DRaaS for Enterprise Hosting

We help you to keep the lights on and doors open. How can we help you with DaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)?   Tell us […]

Crunching Data Daily?

Maybe you’re ready to move to our data crunching managed hosting service. let’s start with a few questions… 1. Do you have large amounts of data? […]

How does the Brexit debate relate to Cloud?

The current Brexit debate brings the differences between the cultural outlook in Britain with that of its continental neighbours to the fore.  One aspect is the […]

Cloud hosting solutions for business – really?

Have you been looking at what cloud web hosting options there are but don’t know whether it’s right for your business? Or does the term cloud […]

Veber is IPv6 Capable

Further to our blog explaining some of the details of IPv6 a couple of weeks ago, we can now announce that the Veber IPv6 journey has […]