Cloud Hosting: choosing a provider with confidence

We’d like to share this White Paper with you today. It answers many of the questions we come across when discussing Veber Cloud Hosting services with […]

How many servers does Google operate?

Interesting article from DCK about Google’s server infrastructure and specifically their power usage, something that’s relevant for our industry.

The Economics, and the Logistics, of the “Big Data Explosion”

Syncsort have reported this month that “Failure to manage data effectively is keeping organizations from reaching strategic business objectives”. No great news there then. Much the same […]

Tracking Hackers?

Secure by Design: Knowledge of Threats and Vulnerabilities

It was initially the security aspect of the IBM White Paper which caught my eye but, as I read further, I found a number of comments […]

How Important is the Internet for You?

The revolution in Egypt wouldn’t have happened without the internet. I wouldn’t be working at home today without the internet. In fact, I wouldn’t have this job […]

Private Cloud Computing: what advantages could it offer you?

 The Hosting News published an informative article on Private Clouds on 20 January. As our previous blog of 17 Jan, “What’s with cloud computing?”, suggests there […]

To Dedicate or not to Dedicate?

“Comprehensive” and “powerful” are the two most widely used synonyms of dedicated hosting services, reports The Hosting News. The idea of dedicated servers has grown in popularity […]

What’s with cloud computing?

Where do we start? What is this cloud computing phenomenon and why is it taking off? We have to look back at the roots of “cloud” […]