ICO Cookie Guidance v3 May 2012

Whilst ICO guidance on Cookie compliance still seems a little hazy in practice, here’s the latest version of their guidance documentation. ICO Cookie Guidance v3 May […]

Veber is IPv6 Capable

Further to our blog explaining some of the details of IPv6 a couple of weeks ago, we can now announce that the Veber IPv6 journey has […]

IPv6: How it affects you

In a few weeks’ time, on 6 June 2012, it’s World IPv6 Launch Day. We will see some of the biggest sites on the internet such […]

Beware the Cookie Monster: Cookies & the EU Cookie Law

We couldn’t miss the comments this week  on the EU Cookie Law, the deadline for which is the 26 May 2012. By this date you should […]

2011: the year ‘The Cloud’ went mainstream

We liked this article written by Thoran Rodrigues on TechRepublic – “2011: The year the Cloud went mainstream” as it sums up our USP for our […]

Do businesses need to do more to protect against IT failure?

This article on the BBC website caught our eye today. They state that according to a recent report by EMC almost three-quarters of firms and public […]

Cloud v Dedicated

So, cloud hosting is changing the IT industry for good. Because the technology of cloud computing is infinitely scalable in capacity and capability, it fulfills the […]

Gartner predicts a double dip recession

We found this article about a “double dip recession” interesting reading today and especially like Sondergaard’s comments when he states: “IT leaders must embrace the postmodern […]

Ins and Outs of Blade Centres

Ins and outs of Blade Centres or should that be centers…. As you may have noticed from our dedicated server home page http://www.veber.co.uk/dedicated-server-hosting-hardware, we at www.veber.co.uk […]

Cloud Cloudy Cloudier

In the process of doing lots of research for our new Cloud Server and Cloud Backup service, Python, which Veber will be launching in early 2012 […]