Benefits of using a Web Application Firewall

Computer and network firewalls have significantly improved the overall internet security of individuals and organizations since they were introduced. However, the progress of technology marches on, […]

Payment Trends

Here’s an August round up of the hottest payment trends on the market. 1. We’re seeing a trend of in-app payments features to entice consumers to […]

What is Bandwidth and How is it Measured?

Bandwidth is a measurement of the amount of data that a server or network transmits/receives over a given amount of time. Bandwidth is measured and billed […]

Juniper MX960 Real World Review

The Juniper MX960 is our new router. But, it’s not like your Netgear, Dlink or Zyxel routers that you probably have in your homes (although ironically […]

Virtual Desktop – The benefits of a VDI

Do you want to share your IT resources securely? Does your business have multiple locations? Is your Booking System always accurate? VDI could be the answer… […]

IPIP ptp tunnel How To on CentOS

Veber's guide to tunneling

Veber Knowledge Base Whitepaper 101 #2: DNS

Here is the second of our Knowledge Base Whitepaper 101s. These are information sharing opportunities based on the FAQs we come across. Enjoy! Veber_KB_DNS_WP101

Welcome to the Veber Knowledge Base (KB): Bandwidth

As promised, here is the first in the Veber Knowledge Base Whitepaper 101 series. We are not seeking to rock the hosting world with new information […]

Veber Whitepaper 101s – Coming Soon!

We are keen to share the Veber expertise in all things web hosting and will be shortly starting a series of what we are calling “Veber […]