Listening to this song reduces anxiety by 65%

Did you know that listening to this song reduces Anxiety by 65%?   Anxiety is a key emotion when dealing with an IT disaster recovery, DRaaS scenario. Along with […]
Veber FinTech vs Banking Industry Event Recommendations

Disruptive Technology Series 1 – Veber’s FinTech Focus

Recently we hosted our first Disruptive Technology event. ‘Globalisation of FinTech. The event was held at the Dorchester hotel, London. We brought together leading minds in […]

What is Bandwidth and How is it Measured?

Bandwidth is a measurement of the amount of data that a server or network transmits/receives over a given amount of time. Bandwidth is measured and billed […]

What is VDI?

What is VDI? The acronym ‘VDI’ is an abbreviation for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. VDI is a technology which can provide your business with the capability to […]

Did you know that Companies Utilising Cloud Hosting Services are on average 21% More Profitable?

A recent Deloitte survey found that those companies who have adopted Cloud Hosting strategies for the provision of IT services are more profitable by a factor […]

Did you know that companies who use Cloud Computing technology grow 26% faster than their peers?

A recent Deloitte survey has confirmed that companies who use Cloud Computing technologies including hosting of mission critical business applications grow 26% faster than other similar […]