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All You Need to Know About Linux Hosting

What is Linux hosting? A Linux (pronounced Lin-Ux according to its creator) server is an open-source and Unix-like operating system (OS) that can be used for […]
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Everything You Need to Know About Blade Server Hosting

At Veber, we promise to only use the best of breed when it comes to computing and hosting solutions. Therefore, we use Dell PowerEdge Blade Servers […]

How does the location of your data affect you legally?

The cloud has changed the shape of the data storage landscape drastically. It has ushered in greater cost efficiency, more flexible business practices and reduced resource […]

Veber DRaaS for Enterprise Hosting

We help you to keep the lights on and doors open. How can we help you with DaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)?   Tell us […]

Crunching Data Daily?

Maybe you’re ready to move to our data crunching managed hosting service. let’s start with a few questions… 1. Do you have large amounts of data? […]

What is the core of Veber’s business?

Things are moving on fast in the IT world. There’s the obvious development of ‘cloud’ and its many descriptions, the Big Data challenge and BYOD, not […]

Eight Reasons to Web Host

Before we propose 8 reasons to Host – A recap on What is Server Hosting? In essence it is a service provided by companies such as Veber […]

Opex vs Capex – The Great Divide

OPEX or CAPEX? How do I choose? Five years have gone past way too quickly and you face the prospect of ensuring that your business’ IT […]

IT Outsourcing From a Dedicated Managed Hosting Provider

  Are you one of the many companies which have decided to focus their business resources on growth and profit rather than trying to manage infrastructure […]

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  Do you work in the travel industry and need help with finding better ways to structure your IT Infrastructure to boost business? Then come along […]