SWOT – FinTech versus Banking industry landscape

As part of the Veber FinTech focus we will continue to share thoughts and discussions on the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of FinTech versus the […]

How to Backup in the Cloud and Restoring Your Server From the Cloud

Following on from our last video, Securing Your Cloud Environment,  Veber’s CEO, Tim Poultney, will now talk through backup and restoration in this useful guide. Your […]

Securing Your Cloud Environment – Veber’s Cloud Security Guide

Following on from our last videos, What Is a Disaster Recovery Plan And How To Insure Against It  our CEO, Tim Poultney, will now talk through Securing […]

Cloud Backup with Full Data Encryption

At the time of writing, Kim Dotcom and his colleagues have just launched Mega, his latest Cloud Storage venture; the service gets slated in the press […]

Veber is IPv6 Capable

Further to our blog explaining some of the details of IPv6 a couple of weeks ago, we can now announce that the Veber IPv6 journey has […]