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Customer: The Currency Cloud

Company Profile:

Launched to market in 2012, The Currency Cloud allows payment firms, banks and e-commerce companies to offer their customers access to foreign exchange through a simple API that links to Currency Cloud’s service. The service removes the complexity of international payments processing and the inefficiency and costs that are inherent to existing methods of sending and receiving international payments. The Currency Cloud makes currency exchange simple.

The Currency Cloud platform was developed and built by an experienced team of foreign exchange traders, payments experts and technologists. The Currency Cloud delivers its service through a number of customers and partners, including remittance, online payments, corporate services (accounting, invoicing, ERP), financial services, and e-wallet firms.

What they asked for:

The Currency Cloud engaged Veber as they needed to gain very high availability and performance for their trading platform as well as a flexible platform that could support their growth.

At startup The Currency Cloud’s platform had been based on Apple hardware with Apple’s own OSX operating system, but discontinuation of the Apple Xserve hardware in early 2011 necessitated a more reliable and available solution urgently.

Because financial transactions are involved The Currency Cloud needed a robust and granular security solution.

What we provided for The Currency Cloud and how we supplied it:

We consulted with The Currency Cloud and planned a Best Of Breed hosted infrastructure solution. All single points of failure were identified and removed to give the infrastructure a significantly increased service uptime and resilience.

We supplied The Currency Cloud with our Veber Cloud Solution. This is based on VMware architecture with a few specialised customisations and provides a ‘no single known point of failure’ from OS level downwards into the Veber infrastructure. Because this infrastructure removes the responsibility for managing the hardware layer from The Currency Cloud, it left their engineers to concentrate solely on the application platform for delivering services.


The Veber Cloud for The Currency Cloud has resulted in significantly increased uptime and reliability for The Currency Cloud application. It has also improved their business failover procedures. On the networking and security side, the granular security solution has proved effective. The Currency Cloud is experiencing dramatic business growth and their Veber Cloud Solution allows the flexibility to grow with them.