Enhanced Case Study

Customer: ENHANCED

Company Overview

Established in 1994, Enhanced specialises in the delivery of managed IT solutions that assist its customers in achieving their planned business growth. Serving the mid-market across a range of industry sectors, the company has built an excellent reputation for quality consultancy and outstanding service.

The Challenge

Customer service is something Enhanced takes very seriously. As a trusted adviser that helps add measurable bottom line to its clients’ businesses, providing the highest levels of consultancy and care, is vital to its success.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the specific needs of our clients across a range of technologies including infrastructure, CRM, finance and development and ensure that any issues are dealt with swiftly,” said James Cripps, Technical Director at Enhanced.

However, in some areas, the company’s responsiveness is reliant on third party suppliers. In the case of their hosting provider, this was proving problematic. Adding simple server resources like memory and disk space on demand was difficult and drawn out. As was making minor amends to their firewall, because each alteration required going through a change control process.

“We expect to deal with a high percentage of our customer queries on the initial call but were unable to do so when it came to hosting,” said James.

The Solution

Enhanced looked for a partner that could offer a more flexible and responsive service. They found these values in Veber.

“We work best with a certain type of customer. Customers who are looking for the best possible product to grow their business, rather than those who are purely driven by price. Something we found we had in common with Veber,” said James.

To date, Enhanced has moved the hosting of its business solutions and remote monitoring system over to the Veber platform. This has added further resilience and freed up resource on their own in-house infrastructure. This will free the business to invest further in cloud technologies and scale back on the level of on-premise infrastructure it has to maintain.

Following the success of the move, the company is now considering transferring all of its hosting requirements to Veber, including the integration of its on-premise disaster recovery solution.

“We are only a few months into the relationship but have already seen a major improvement in responsiveness. The way Veber’s platform is designed means we can implement a large percentage of the modifications ourselves. Anything we can’t is dealt with swiftly,” said James.

The flexibility offered by Veber is also essential to Enhanced. IT is an ever evolving channel and as its clients look for increased performance, the ability to deploy new products and expand their businesses, it’s not unusual for their hosting requirements to change quickly.

“Veber offers a flexible platform that is highly customisable. This means shorter lead times and ensures our teams don’t get caught up in long project cycles. Veber’s skilled team has been on-hand to implement all of our bespoke networking needs and ensure the rapid deployment of additional network resources,” said James.

The Impact

1. Improved resilience
2. Additional resource available on their own platform
3. Flexibility to meet customers’ individual networking needs
4. Fast deployment of network resource when needed
5. Rapid response to issues
6. Shorter project lead times

“Rather than having to deal with day-to-day issues of account management, I can now focus on my key responsibilities of advancing our own operations and the strategic direction of the company,” said James.