Tech Gadgets Loved and Lost

Over the last couple of months we’ve been exploring bits of kit with our marketing girl and looking back at how technology has evolved from the […]

Veber Attend Cisco Live 2013

Our CEO, Tim Poultney, attended this year’s Cisco Live event. He gives us the lowdown of what to watch out for this year …

What is IPv6 Again?

Last year we saw the World IPv6 Launch. Since then a number of networks like Facebook, Microsoft and Google have permanently enabled or support IPv6 and […]

Veber can help with your business’ Cloud Hosting

The Cloud can often seem more like a fog in today’s hosting industry. Veber can help create clarity by providing expert advice on how a cloud […]

The history of data storage

This month we saw another Consumer Electronics Show come and go. As usual, CES 2013 was a chocolate factory for the tech minded full of innovative […]

The Veber Team Predicts 2013

  -Early in 2013 many parents will be realising that it is not just dogs that are not just for Christmas, it’s teenagers and their new […]

A Sysadmin’s Night Before Christmas

With Christmas Eve fast approaching and offices soon to be closing for the holidays, unfortunately for some next week will be just as busy. We came […]

To 4G or not to 4G?

3G and 4G –  What’s the difference? To be classed as 4G, the network must be able to provide a theoretical download speed of up to […]

Daughterboard – Marketing Does Kit

So here we are again; trying to figure out what the strange piece of kit that I’ve been given this week does. I do note though, that at […]

Should or can I put my business in the cloud?

There are many reasons to choose your hosting solution. We realise that every company is different and has their own unique requirements even if they are […]